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Dirk Shearer is a freelance illustrator in the U.S, focusing his portfolio toward versatility with work including cover art, interior book illustrations, logos, sequential work, and product art. Mediums include digital--both vector and pixel art, scratchboard, acrylic,  pen & ink, and multi-media. Dirk has also worked in multiple high school residency programs, collaborating with  students and educators to create cultural or historical-themed murals.

For project quotes or general queries, email Dirk at

Ames True Temper

Archaia Entertainment

Archie Comics

Arrow Storage

Evileye Books

Double Take

For Beginners

Fortress Publishing

FOX Broadcasting
Heywell Film Scripts

Image Comics
Lillian Vernon
LSC Design

Man Crates

Measured Progress

Popular Science

Pottery Barn
Spencer’s Gifts

Split Lip Webcomics
York Wallcoverings

York Habitat For Humanity

YRK Magazine
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